Conference Information

Mountainside Marketing Conference
January 12-15, 2018
Ridgecrest Conference Center, NC


Registration fee is $245. To Register and learn more details including lodging and meals click HERE.

What to Expect:

This is a hands-on conference with time for the writer to put into practice we’re teaching. Bring your laptop and get ready to roll up your sleeves and work!

I.       The Map

A. Know the goal of your journey
B. A list of social media platforms and how they’re used.
C. What makes a social media update valuable (4 types of updates)
D. Compose an effective update
E. Discovering your social media voice
F. Follow that star – creating a bio
1. Long and short bios
2. Hows and whys

II.      Make Sure Your Backpack Has All You Need

A. Motivation when spark plugs fail
B. When boo birds dump their stuff
C. Nourishment? Health maintenance
D. Define and explores passions
1. What to talk about on social media
E. Evaluation of time and balance
F. The importance of small consistent steps and what that looks like in application

III.    Branding

A. Why and how
B. Social media voice
C. Consistency across networks
D. Social media template
E. Know the difference between bragging and sharing

IV.   Make Your Steps Count

A. Marketing and promotion while in the writing process
1. Marketing template
B. Social Media is a world without context, learn to think in headlines
C. Hashtags and tweetables
D. Social media scheduling
1. Tools
2. Linking networks

V.     Avoiding Dead Ends, Sheer Cliffs and Exhaustion

A. 9 reasons why you are failing at social media
B. 8 social media updates you should never share
1. This will involve a small skit
C. Organizing Your Trip Check
D. Utilize tools to watch your progress (ManageFlitter, Invisible Ceiling in Twitter, etc.)

VI.   Picking Your Passengers

A. Street Teams
1. How, why, where to begin.
2. The care of street teams
B. Incentives
1. Contests that work
2. Pinterest boards
C. Keeping up the momentum
1. Speaking, blogging, social media posts – how they work together
D. The importance of images ins social media
1. Where to find safe and effective free image sites.

VII.  Who’s Your Navigator

A. God the ultimate GPS
1. Maneuvering around obstacles and detours
2. Comparing the world of publication to King David’s journey
B. Writing in faith – stepping into publishing & social media is living out Hebrews 11:1